Centurion Party Hire

We specialise in the rental of catering equipment, linen and table decorations.

We provide professional service and advice.
We are flexible as far as we can be. We love to see beautiful and successful functions.

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Centurion Party Hire (CPH), under management of Barbara Coetzer delivers
quality services to clients in need of rental equipment for:

- Birthday and kiddie parties

- Christenings and church gatherings

- Corporate and private functions

- School functions

CPH has also been part of the big and diverse wedding industry for more than ten years. We offer our brides decor equipment,
small draping services and flower arranging.

“Service delivering is my passion and creating beautiful events for others are like my personal paint brush on a blank canvas. It brings joy to my heart
if I step back and look at the end result for my client. My creativity blooms when I work with people, giving ideas,
creating the object of desire and putting events together for them.”